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Solving Climate Change

Banking can be a key player in solving climate change. Carbon Xprint is the catalyst that can segue banking into this expandedclimate change and economy role. Current options to take action on climate change are limited or a sacrifice. This climate change banking product is accessible, familiar, and profitable. It quantifies action and constructs meaningful results. Using consumer banking to help solve climate change has some very distinct advantages; money, access, and opportunity.
Most of the technologies that we need to solve global warming already exist. We just have to pay for them. The amount of money needed to transition to a low carbon economy is USD 44 trillion according to a report from the IEA. That investment will return USD 115 trillion in fuel savings. The cost of LED lighting, solar installations, wind power, and battery storage continue to decline making these investments even more attractive but the total investment for 2015 was only USD 329 billion.
Access to these investments is mostly limited to large dollar investors; institutional, accredited, and tax equity.  Carbon Xprint expands this investor pool to anyone interested in taking meaningful and measurable action on climate change. Consumers can become engaged simply by going to their bank and making a deposit. It does not require the complexities of brokers and trading.  Projects seeking to implement clean energy technologies have limited access to capital. Carbon Xprint broadens the number of institutions, the type of investor, and the investment pool to provide more access points to capital for clean energy projects.
Opportunities to take responsibility for one’s own carbon footprint or make an impact on reducing future carbon emissions is extremely limited. The majority of people have a desire to do something about climate change and are even willing to pay if action was taken. Carbon Xprint transforms this willingness to pay, desire to take responsibility, and desire to improve the world into an actual opportunity to save, take responsibility, and improve the planet.

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